Wear a face mask when in public. For information on the SARS-CoV-2 virus (aka. COVID-19) please visit the South African government website at sacoronavirus.co.za.

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Changes to your licenses

Microsoft has made major changes to its Office software by renaming the Office suite, and adding major chat features for everyday customers. Influenced by the Coronavirus outbreak, the additions are a result of millions of workers around the world working from home and looking for great software to do it with.

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Latest self-help article

Rules for creating email signatures

How to create almost unbreakable HTML email signatures. The first thing to remember is to keep it simple. Some mail clients remove images from signatures no matter what you do so, plan for this. The  fewer images the better. All set dimensions must be exact. No percentages.  Your coding must be as tight as possible and your design as simple as possible.

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