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With over 19 years of experience in IT support and email systems integration, Databias has helped many South African businesses set up professional email and web hosting.

The corporate email industry has in the past been largely dominated by Microsoft and it's Exchange messaging platform. Exchange became available to the general public almost a decade ago thanks to a change in licensing which enabled technical service providers to license Exchange on a per mailbox basis. Databias reliably operated it's Hosted Exchange platform for 7 years, supporting hundreds of companies and thousands of mailboxes. We've learnt that customer service is the key to being a successful Micrsoft reseller.

In 2011 Microsoft again introduced another change in the email market with the launch of the 365 platform, which offers Microsoft's products to companies and the general public on a pay as you go basis. We've learnt that giving customers tools to manage their digital assets is another key to becoming a successful reseller.

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Microsoft pricing update

As communicated earlier this year, we renewed all current Microsoft licenses on the CSP platform in February, thereby keeping license costs down for the entire year. The price of the licenses listed below have however gone up slightly. All other CSP pricing remains the same.

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Latest self-help article

All about support

Support desks offer a high level of engagement and assistance in an IT-based business, especially if used effectively. We encourage all our customers to use the ticketing system and to log tickets by emailing support@databias.co.za with concise, useful information so we can assist as efficiently as possible.

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